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 Kids & Cops Play & Learn

iCHAMPS: Improving Community Health & Model Police Services

About Us

Kids & Cops

Police officers & youth interact in fun activities & build positive relations. 

Sports & Games

Police officers engage students during physical education classes, recess, & after school programs. 

Healthy & Happy

Police officers & social workers teach skills that improve student's physical & social-emotional health. 


Salt Lake City School District

  • Glendale Middle School
  • Northwest Middle School
  • Bryant Middle School
  • Jackson Elementary School
  • Meadowlark Elementary School
  • Riley Elementary School
  • Rose ParkElementary School
  • BachmanElementary School
  • Mountain ViewElementary School
  • WashingtonElementary School
  • Edison Elementary School
  • Franklin Elementary School
  • Newman Elementary School

Salt Lake County

  • Magna Library
  • Kearns Library
  • Youth Services School Based Programs

Salt Lake City Police Department

Program Specifics

iCHAMPS Overview

  • iCHAMPS is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote safe & healthy neighborhoods through youth development, positive community-law enforcement relations, & collaborative partnerships. 
  • To achieve the mission, iCHAMPS provides three main services: 
    • Youth development
    • Professional development training
    • Research & evaluation. 

iCHAMPS Board, Admin, Staff

  • Board is made up of professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, public & higher education, adolescent development, criminal, juvenile & social justice, & finance.  
  • Administrator is a research-practitioner in criminal, juvenile & social justice. 
  • Staff are made up of off-duty police officers & youth workers who are trained in best practices on improving prosocial behaviors. 

iCHAMPS Outcomes

  • Increase social-emotional skills & prosocial behaviors 
  • Prevent drug use & violent behaviors
  • Increase sense of belonging 
  • Increase positive community-police relations & legitimacy of police

iCHAMPS Services

  • Youth Development: 
    • iCHAMPS teams of police officers & youth workers teach social emotional learning skills to elementary & middle school students during recess time, physical education classes, & out-of-school time programs.
  • Professional Development
    • iCHAMPS instructors provide law enforcement officers & social service/education professionals training on how to improve youth behavior and community relations. 
  • Research & Evaluation 
    • iCHAMPS researchers provide evaluation services to assess community, coordinate implementation efforts & test program effectiveness. 

Skills Learned

  • Youth
    • Emotional self-regulation
    • Interpersonal relations
    • Problem-solving
    • Healthy alternatives to drug use
    • Resistance techniques to antisocial behaviors
  • Professionals 
    • Best practices to prevent youth delinquency 
    • School-based law enforcement practices 
    • Evidence-based policing policies & practices
  • Organizations 
    • Better understanding of clients
    • Strengths & areas of improvement for quality improvement
    • Effectiveness of services

Evidence-Based Programs

  • Life Skills Training (LST) has been found to prevent or reduce: 
    • Violent behaviors
    • Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana & illegal drug use
    • Delinquent behaviors
    • HIV risky behaviors
    • Risky driving 
  • Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) has been found to: 
    • Increase social-emotional learning skills (emotional self-regulation, interpersonal skills, & problem-solving)
    • Improve academic achievement (reading, writing & math)
    • Reduce conduct problems & ADHD/depressive symptoms

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